Western Health Advantage leverages population health analytics

As a provider-sponsored, not-for-profit HMO, Western Health Advantage has been operating like an ACO for the past 18 years—and succeeding. With the shift from volume to value, the organization’s approach to improving data visibility, coordinating care, and proactively managing patients’ health has proven that its model is not only sustainable and profitable, but also better for its overall patient population.

Our latest case study shows that ACOs able to shift their approach and proactively enhance their data and analytics capabilities are best positioned to respond to patient care needs, proactively prevent adverse events, and improve overall care management for their patient populations.

This complimentary case study explores the challenges and solutions that Western Health Advantage faced and deployed, including:

  • The drivers behind its pursuit of a more powerful population health analytics solution
  • Key criteria for successful selection and implementation, including adoption across the organization’s multiple physician groups
  • Results obtained to date, such as a 360-degree patient view across multiple care settings

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