busted: top 5 healthcare fraud schemes

From billing for services never rendered to performing medically unnecessary services for the purpose of generating insurance payments, healthcare fraud takes many forms. With the country’s healthcare spending coming in at around $3 trillion each year, even a small percentage of fraudulent claims carry a high price tag.

The Department of Justice, FBI, and CMS often work in conjunction to pursue the largest fraud cases, resulting in the exposure of multimillion dollar schemes. Based on these efforts, we rounded up details on the top five busts, convictions, settlements, and indictments during 2015.

Download our infographic, to learn more about:

  • A 243-suspect false billing scheme amounting to $712 million
  • $158 million in false claims from the former president of a hospital and his coconspirators
  • Two suspects’ plans to bilk the system for $63 million

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