why “no assembly required” is a welcome phrase for fraud investigators and parents alike

Healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) investigators have a tough job keeping pace with the latest schemes, continuously weeding through hundreds of false-positive leads, and understanding the right time to pursue a case. Our latest infographic outlines how, when armed with the right information, SIUs quickly take intelligent action to educate providers, recover funds, and even prevent payment before it is made.

Verscend believes in a simplified approach to case referrals: one in which FWA vendors do the legwork to find and validate aberrant billing behavior, explore patterns, perform pre-case research, and deliver all the right information—pre-assembled—to an SIU so that one can immediately open and pursue good cases. We call these “turnkey allegations.”

Our infographic makes entertaining comparisons between the challenges of frustrated do-it-yourselfers and SIUs, including:

  • The Christmas morning deadline
  • Leftover screws and bolts
  • Build-it-yourself furniture instructions
  • And more

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