but wait...there's more: risk adjustment and predictive modeling advances

Developments in healthcare technology occur often, with new tools popping up daily. While not the "new kid on the block," risk adjustment and predictive models are a cornerstone for healthcare strategy and operations due to their power and accuracy.

For organizations engaged in population health delivery, risk adjustment and predictive models provide critical insight into risk, utilization, and cost. They also ensure fair comparisons between populations for contracting, program evaluation, and payment.

New developments in modeling advance these fundamentals and provide new insights into healthcare trends and drivers, enabling healthcare organizations to fine-tune their strategies and take value-based care delivery to the next level.

In our upcoming webinar, experts from Verscend will explore best practices and innovations in risk adjustment and predictive modeling. Presenters will focus on how to effectively use:

  • Models and analytics for successful value-based contracts and care delivery
  • Billing data within models to provide insight into population risk
  • Advanced methods to pinpoint drivers of risk and disease prevalence changes

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