start at home: building a strategy for value based care by focusing on employees first

Are you doing the right things to manage the health of your patient population? How do you know what is working and where you can fine-tune? Provider organizations looking for ways to jump-start or enhance population health efforts must define a strategy for success that includes realigned physician leadership, data stewardship and analytics, and robust care management capabilities, but many are unsure how to build this infrastructure.

The answer may be closer than they realize. By focusing population health management efforts on their own employees, provider organizations can build a foundation of skills, solutions, and knowledge to effectively manage risk and generate more positive clinical and financial outcomes.

In this on-demand webinar, benefit consulting experts Karla Thommen and Case Escher from The Partners Group will join Verscend’s Juliana Hart to discuss strategies to reduce risk, transform care, and create value by zeroing in on a provider’s employee population.

Join our presenters as they explore critical topics, including:

  • Strategies for uncovering risks and developing targeted care management tactics within your own population
  • Tips for implementing and effectively using population health analytics to better understand both individuals and populations
  • Healthcare outcomes that all employers need to monitor across their populations to reduce cost and improve performance
  • Organizational development strategies and tactics for fostering a culture of health across employee populations

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