post-acute care: strategies and analytics for aco success

With the related costs growing over the past few decades, accountable care organizations (ACOs) must begin to actively manage their patients' post-acute care (PAC) (i.e., the treatments that patients receive after they are discharged from the hospital). ACOs need to be empowered to make decisions related to selecting the most appropriate PAC facility for each patient, controlling lengths of stay, and working collaboratively to reduce hospital readmissions. Understanding the dynamics of the issues requires a multidimensional approach.

In this webinar, Verscend experts examine PAC broadly, with a focus on skilled nursing facilities. Our presenters will discuss the analytics that organizations can use to help craft strategies for better managing PAC. Some of the opportunities include:

  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • A projected fiscal and geographic distribution of Medicare members
  • Hospital readmission reduction initiatives

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