using data analytics to facilitate medical group population health management

The healthcare industry continues to move away from fee for service and towards value-based care. Accordingly, as they adopt at-risk contracts, providers and payers are rethinking care delivery and seeking to more effectively manage populations. In order to succeed under these new payment models, organizations need the common language of data analytics to understand opportunities for both business and clinical improvement.

Western Health Advantage (WHA), a not-for-profit, provider-sponsored HMO, has operated essentially as an accountable care organization for nearly 20 years, with its six provider groups operating under full professional capitation and its five hospital systems operating under full facility capitation. In our webinar, WHA’s Chief Medical Officer, Don Hufford, MD, describes how to build and use the data sharing capabilities necessary for payer-provider collaboration in effectively improving care and reducing costs across their populations.

This presentation focuses on:

  • Tactics for developing a collaborative data environment
  • Potential benefits of data sharing and project development
  • Key reports that can be used to develop action plans, enabling providers to succeed under value-based care

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