asthma and allergy: exposing the “rash” of provider schemes

The nationwide rise of identifiable allergens has resulted in a notable increase in billing and payment of allergy and asthma codes. High reimbursement rates and limited oversight allow some providers to exploit this vulnerability, obtaining payment for services that may not be medically necessary or provided at all.

Our on-demand webinar discusses the top allergy and asthma codes billed by providers and how to effectively data mine for patterns and schemes. Investigations supervisor Sharron Cannella and senior functional analyst Erynn Lesondak offer investigators' perspectives on how to recognize red flags in asthma and allergy medical record documentation that would warrant a more in-depth medical review.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify top paid allergy and asthma codes used in common healthcare schemes
  • Analyze asthma and allergy claims data effectively to identify patterns and schemes
  • Recognize red flags when conducting cursory examinations of medical documentation

Don’t let asthma and allergy schemes hurt your bottom line—watch it today.

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