step up your game: how to drive better retrospective chart review results with financial analytics

When setting financial targets for their retrospective risk adjustment programs, most health plans simply consider the previous year's financial results and anticipate achieving roughly the same ROI for each chart this year. But using financial analytics offers a better way forward that leads to stronger bottom-line performance.

Come learn how Verscend uses a combination of annual CMS model changes coupled with member demographics, member health conditions, and provider mix to deliver better retrospective chart review program results for our customers.

Watch Verscend’s on-demand webinar hosted by Lesley Brown, our vice president of Risk Adjustment. By the end of the webinar, you'll know:

  • The key drivers that help you set informed retrospective program financial targets
  • The ways in which analytics can reveal actionable patterns
  • The impact that chart and membership mix have on ROI

Don't miss this opportunity to step up your risk adjustment game and watch your results improve.

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watch the webinar