Although the U.S. healthcare system continues to face the turmoil of competing priorities and approaches, the desire to control escalating costs through greater efficiency remains constant. The key to efficiency is effective risk identification, stratification, and management.

Powered by DxCG Intelligence, the industry’s gold standard in risk adjustment and predictive modeling, Payer Performance Analytics has been an essential component of payers’ budgeting and underwriting, medical management, and performance improvement initiatives for decades, delivering proven outcomes. 

In our solution overview, Payer Performance Analytics, we discuss how our solutions help payers answer some of their most important questions, including:

  • What is the disease burden of the various populations we manage, and what are we spending on care?
  • How can we help close gaps in care for our members?
  • Which of our members could benefit most from targeted intervention, either because they are the sickest now or because their risks are emerging?
  • What is network leakage truly costing us, and what insights can we gain to drive successful strategies to address leakage?

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