Population Health Analytics for Providers

The transition from volume to value is not an easy one for provider organizations, as you need to simultaneously balance the demands of “business as usual” with learning and applying new capabilities that, at times, are at odds with familiar ones. Without a full understanding of what happens to individuals as they move throughout the care continuum, you cannot adequately assess utilization, total cost of care, and provider performance, or thus answer complex, multifaceted questions about risk. This information is essential to not only running your business, but also ensuring effective payer-provider collaboration.

In our solution overview, Population Health Analytics for Providers, we discuss how our solutions, DxCG Intelligence and Provider Intelligence, can help provider organizations understand and mitigate the clinical and financial risks of their populations.

Our solution can help providers answer some of their most important questions, including:

  • What is the disease burden of our population, and what are we spending on care?
  • How do we support compensation strategies for high performers, as well as compensate fairly for direct services plus care coordination, patient education, and outreach?
  • How are we performing with our contracts and in comparison to others?
  • How close are we to the successful practice of value-based care?
  • And many more.

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