Program integrity services can be costly to maintain, requiring intensive recruitment and retention of a staff with high-value skills and continuous training to stay ahead of sophisticated fraud schemes. Whether you're in need of a complete outsourced solution or help augmenting in-house capabilities, Verscend provides a wide range of program integrity services that enable organizations to detect, reduce, and deter complex fraud schemes; reduce associated costs; increase efficiencies; and achieve regulatory compliance.

Our expertise in Medicaid and Medicare supports a variety of claim investigations, including facility, professional, and pharmacy. Our investigative support services help organizations increase efficiency through a triage of hotline tips and external leads; assess the need for further investigation; conduct initial investigative analyses, including research and statistical sampling; review code; and create workflows to standardize and document processes.

Download our solution overview to learn how our SIU Services deliver documented return on investment typically ranging from 5:1 to 15:1.

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